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Using our CRM platform will ensure that you are able to follow critical data points to online success!

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Lead Generating Websites

Invest in a website that is
built to attract leads

In the world of websites you certainly get what you pay for. Allow a professional to deliver you a flashy and functioning website.

Our websites are custom built for you with security, speed, and lead generation as our top priorities. We aim for our websites to catch the attention of your visitors and turn those visitors into loyal customers.

…And did we mention that you OWN your website?

Targeted Advertising

put your website to work through quality ad campaigns

Drive traffic to your website with carefully crafted ad campaigns. Let us put your business in front of people interested in your service.

Turn searchers into visitors and visitors into customers!

The proper ad structure is critical to successfully attracting new customers. We have had great success with pay-per-click campaigns as well as pay-per-lead setups. We would love to discuss which campaign is right for you and your business.

Customer Relationship Management Platform

The key to business growth lies in the data

Tracking data using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is crucial for businesses to optimize their growth strategies. By centralizing customer information, businesses can better understand their clients’ needs and preferences, tailor marketing efforts accordingly, and nurture stronger customer relationships. Additionally, analyzing CRM data enables businesses to identify trends, forecast future sales, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance and profitability.

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Customizable services

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If you are searching for a marketing company that offers customizable marketing services, mission accomplished! Take a look at some additional services we offer:

Google Business Profile

Allow LaunchPad Marketing to assist with verifying your GBP. No payment required until your profile is 100% verified!

Reputation Management

Tired of chasing down hard-earned reviews? Your online reputation is everything for a business. We can help.

Outreach Campaigns

Stay front of mind with potential customers & past clients with our digital outreach campaigns. Email and SMS capable.

Social Media Planner

Streamline your posts on all the top social media platforms! Craft quality posts and schedule them months ahead of time.

Missed call text back

Keep potential customers engaged even when you can't answer the phone with this business automation feature.

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